Graduate & Professional Bulletin 2023-2024

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Howard University makes every effort to provide accurate and current information in this catalogue. The catalogue is published for informational purposes only and is not a contract. The University reserves the right to change the rules and information governing admission, tuition, fees, financial aid, courses, schedules, the academic calendar, the granting of degrees, or any other regulations affecting its students at any time, for any and all reasons, and without notice. Such changes may be of any nature, including, but not limited to, the elimination of the school, programs, classes, or activities; changes in instructor, course or program pre-requisites or physical location of courses, the relocation of or modification of the content or method of instruction of any of the foregoing; and the cancellation of scheduled classes or other academic activities. Please consult with the respective departments. The university further reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant and to disqualify, discontinue, or exclude any student.

This publication and other information about Howard University’s academic programs can be accessed on Bisonweb. Revisions and supplements to the bulletin will be posted on Bisonweb.

Other Howard University publications that contain important information for students include:
the Student Handbook published by the Office of Student Affairs; and school/college and departmental student handbooks.

Howard University Student Code of Conduct and Judiciaries