Students will be graduated with honors under the following conditions: those with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) ranging from 3.20 through 3.49 will be graduated cum laude; those with a cumulative GPA ranging from 3.50 through 3.79 will be graduated magna cum laude, and those with a cumulative GPA of 3.80 or higher will be graduated summa cum laude.

Grades in noncredit courses are not considered in determining eligibility for honors. Although the policy varies according to the individual schools and colleges within the University, generally students are not eligible to receive these distinctions at graduation if they have not completed the last half of the work required for their degree in residence at Howard; if they have repeated courses to raise their GPA; or if they have not carried at least 12 credits for each semester enrolled, with the exception of the last semester in residence.

Students who have excelled academically are honored by having their names placed on the Dean’s Honor Roll. Generally, this honor roll is published annually and includes honor students from the preceding school year. The GPA required differs among the schools and colleges according to their specific policies.