Graduate Divinity and Religion Programs 2023-2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance

Direct Costs Estimates  
Tuition1 $18,990
University Mandatory Fees2 $466
Student Service Fee2 $150
Indirect Costs Estimates  
Housing $13,211
Dining Cost $6,244
Transportation $6,010
Personal/Misc Expenses $2,887
Books and Supplies $1,360
If you opt to take out a loan, federal fees are associated with doing so.  
Direct Stafford - Loan Fees3 $194
Direct PLUS - Loan Fees3 $1,196
Estimated Cost of Attendance Total $50,708
  1. Based on full-time enrollment per semester. The estimated cost per credit hour is $1,055.00.
  2. Subject to change each academic year.
  3. Loan fees vary based on acceptance of Direct Federal Unsubsidized loan and Graduate PLUS loan credit decision