Readmission After Academic Suspension

Requests for readmission must be initiated by submitting to the Office of Admission, at least 60 days prior to the registration period, an application for admission and, a completed petition for readmission to the school or college in which the student was last enrolled.

The request should include a description of the student’s activities during the suspension period, the steps that have been taken to ensure success if the request is approved, and appropriate supporting documentation.

Requests for readmission will be reviewed by the appropriate designee of the school of last attendance and an admission committee, which will render a decision based on the student’s previous academic record, contents of the request for readmission, and other relevant factors.

Upon readmission after suspension, students must adhere to the conditions outlined below. Failure to meet these stipulations will result in automatic suspension from the University.

The student shall establish and maintain contact (at least once per month) with designated school/college advisor (Dean, faculty advisor, advisory center, or student services unit) for academic advising, counseling, assistance, and referral to support services.

The student shall enroll in appropriate courses in the Center for Academic Reinforcement and/or other support programs as stipulated by the admission committee.

Enroll in a maximum of 13 credit hours if full-time, and seven credit hours if part-time, until the cumulative grade point average meets the requirement for removal of probation.

Remove all deficiencies during the next semester of enrollment (or the next semester when the courses are offered) before proceeding with the published program for their degree.

Earn a minimum grade of C in each course or earn the required grade point average stipulated by the admission committee until the cumulative grade point average meets the requirements for the removal of probation.

Failure to meet the above conditions may result in academic suspension.