International Student Services

The Office of International Student Services promotes, provides, and supports international
and intercultural educational opportunities for the Howard University community and others
by serving as an information and advising resource, providing international student and scholar services
and coordinating special projects. The Office International Student Services also facilitates the
integration of international students and scholars into the Howard community and promotes awareness
of the important contributions of this group to the mission and international character of the University.
Finally, ISS serves as a resource center for information often needed by members of the international
and University communities, and functions as an advocate for international students, staff and scholars.

Immigration Advising for International Students includes the following: 

  • Production of immigration documents
  • Updating and record-keeping of immigration documents and SEVIS records
  • Maintenance of status and enrollment requirements
  • Travel requirements and visa applications
  • Changes of immigration status
  • Work authorization


Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) regulations governing nonimmigrant international students require that all students in the “F-1” and “M-1” visa categories be engaged in a full course of study. Undergraduates with “F-1” visas are required to be registered at all times for a minimum of 12 credit hours of course work. Graduate students with “F-1” visas and all “J-1” visa holders are not required to take a specific number of credit hours as long as they are engaged in a full course of study as determined by their departments. Students must maintain full-time status throughout the semester. A student who begins with 12 credit hours or more but then drops courses later and no longer carries 12 credit hours is considered a part-time student. Students who do not meet these requirements are in violation of their immigration status and jeopardize their stay in the United States. All financial arrangements for study at Howard University must be made prior to registration time.

It is each student’s responsibility to maintain legal immigration status while in the United States and must make sure that their authorized stay in the country has not expired (see 1-94 form); that their passports are valid for at least 6 months at all times; that they are registered every semester as a full- time student; that they do not work off campus without permission of the INS; that they attend the school that the INS last authorized you to attend.

International students must apply to INS to (1) extend their authorized stay in the United States, (2) obtain permission to work off campus and (3) transfer from Howard University to another school or from another school to Howard University. Further information and appropriate application forms can be obtained from [International Student Services in Room G- Administration Building.]

If a student’s immigration status change for any reason — for example, from a tourist visa to student visa or from student visa to permanent resident — are required to immediately inform International Student Services so that the University will have accurate records. International students are required to provide their current address.