Section VI: Filing a Complaint and Request for University Disciplinary Action and Notification to the Accused

Reports of violations of the Code may result from a written Incident Report taken by Campus Police. If a charge of a violation of the Code is not made as a result of such report, it is the responsibility of the Complainant, whether a student or University employee, to take action to pursue resolution of a violation. First, the Complainant must review the Code to determine the specific provisions violated by the Accused Student. Second, the Complainant must obtain, complete, and file a Request for Resolution of an Alleged Violation of the Student Code of Conduct form within fourteen (14) calendar days of the incident or knowledge of the incident. Forms submitted after this fourteen (14) calendar day period will only be resolved if extenuating circumstances are present, and require approval of the Dean for Special Student Services. More than one provision of the Code may be cited in the complaint form. The forms are available in the Office of the Dean for Special Student Services.

The Accused Student will be notified by the Dean for Special Student Services of an alleged violation by certified letter and/or telephone call and will be asked to report to the Dean for an interview. ODSSS will make reasonable efforts to contact the student at the local and/or permanent address.