Office of the Bursar

Processes Remission of Tuition and all financial aid awards, except private funds given directly to the student. Authorizes payment of University-administered financial aid awards to a student’s account (e.g. loans, scholarships, grants, remission of tuition, grants). The Office of the Bursar also processes credit balances (aka “refund checks”) as well as refund and tuition adjustments; handles “special billing,” (e.g., the official billing (or invoicing) of Embassies or other appropriate agencies or organizations responsible for paying the educational expenses of particular students). This office is responsible for entering late charges, institutional residential, parking and library fines, to the account of the student who incurs same.

The Office of the Bursar processes promissory notes provided by the Office of Financial Aid for University Emergency loans. Initiates and Processes promissory notes for Direct Student Loans, Perkins Federal Loans, Health Professions —Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nursing loans, as well as long-term University loans. The office processes student deferment forms as well as repayment of University and Federal loans.