Readmission Policy on Academic Probation & Suspension

Students who are in the professional phase of the following programs will incur probation if their cumulative grade point average falls below 2.5 in the School of Education, The College of Pharmacy, and The College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.


  • Students on probation must adhere to the following conditions for continued enrollment: Enroll in a maximum of 13 credit hours if full-time, and seven hours if part-time.
  • Establish and maintain contact with their designated school/college advisor (Dean, faculty advisor, advisory center, or student services unit) for academic advising, counseling, assistance, and referral to support services at least once per month.

    Probationary status will be removed when the student has achieved a cumulative average of at least 2. 0.

Probationary status must be removed within one semester, exclusive of summer sessions, or the student will incur a suspension.

Any student who voluntarily withdraws from the University while on probation will be subject to stipulations as a condition for readmission.