Course Repeat Policy

An undergraduate student may repeat only once a course for which he/she has received a grade of “D” or “F”. The lower grade will not be counted in the computation of the GPA.

Exceptions to repeating a course more than once will be made only if it is a major or minor requirement for which the minimum grade of “C” is required, or if a student is ineligible to advance to the next level without a passing grade. All subsequent repeats, after the first one, will be counted in computing the GPA.

In all course repeats, the failing or previous grade is not expunged from the academic record. Students are not eligible to graduate with honors if they have repeated a course(s); they have not carried at least 12 credits for each semester enrolled, with the exception of the last semester in residence, and they have not completed the last half of the work required for their degree in residence at Howard University.

SPECIAL NOTE: In all cases of course repeats the failing or previous grade is NOT expunged from the academic record.