Types of Financial Aid Suspension

Your financial aid eligibility will be suspended if you fail to earn the necessary credits or achieve the required GPA while on financial aid probation. At that time, you will no longer be eligible to receive financial aid to attend Howard University. To reinstate your financial aid eligibility, you must appeal to the Office of Financial Aid by the proposed deadline per semester. If a student's appeal is denied for whatever reason, they then may re-enroll and successfully complete the courses they have registered for at their own expense, at least for one semester. At the conclusion of that particular semester, students may then re-appeal to the Office of Financial Aid explaining in a detailed type-written narrative to then request to have their aid reinstated. Students cannot receive financial aid if they do not meet the necessary criteria. Students who have been suspended consecutively will be ineligible for aid reinstatement until they have covered the courses they have registered for at their own expense. Students are more than welcome to seek other sources of funding that include alternative loans that do not consider SAP to be a criterion.